Dream Theater 0099


Μια επιλογή του artrockheaven


1. Dream Theater(USA)

Images And Words(1992)-Another day     




2. Riverside(Poland)

Second Life Syndrome(2005)-Second Life Syndrome




3. Pain Of Salvation(Sweden)

The Perfect Element Part 1(2000)-Falling & Perfect Element 




4. Ayreon(Netherlands)

The Human Equation(2004)-Day Five: Voices        




5. Symphony X(USA)

V: The New Mythology Suite(2000)-Communion and The Oracle               




6. Psychotic Waltz(USA)

A Social Grace(1990)-I Remember              




7. Angra(Brazil)

Temple Of Shadows(2004)-Temple of Hate             




8. Therion(Sweden)

Theli(1996)-To Mega Therion




9. Threshold(UK)

March Of Progress(2012)-Liberty Complacency Dependency       




10. Nightwish(Finland)

Oceanborn(1998)-The Riddler