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Πολλά μουσικά αστέρια σήμερα στο Λονδίνο σε εκδήλωση συμπαράστασης για τον Assange και την ελευθερία του τύπου, συμμετέχουν Roger Waters, Brian Eno, Chrissie Hynde των Pretenders, η M.I.A. και ο Γιάνης Βαρουφάκης που είναι φίλος του Brian Eno και ίσως και του Roger Waters.



On the 22nd February, 2020, we are calling for a march for Assange, from Australia House, Aldwych, to Parliament Square.

Assange's full extradition trial begins the following Monday (24th). The Trump administration is seeking to put Assange in jail for 175 years for publishing the Afghan and Iraq War Logs.

We will assemble from 11:30am, to leave Australia House at 12:30pm.

Roger Waters will be performing.

MIA will be walking the march.

Vivienne Westwood will speak.

Show your support for Julian Assange: come march with us.


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